Known bugs and problems with PornPaste

Nobody is perfect, therefore even PornPaste has some bugs. Currently we're aware of the following problems:

01.04.2006 - OPEN - Problems with BMPs With bmp pictures the thumbnail generation may be slow. We're currently working on this issue.
Update (03.06.2006): Our new thumbnail caching feature solves this problem partially.
31.03.2006 - OPEN - Problems with PNGs Thumbnails of PNG using alphatransparency are sometimes not created correctly. Please click on the picture to view the picture in original size and unchanged..
Update (14.05.2006): The problem with alphatransparency seems to be fixed on coloured PNGs. Grayscaleimages are still broken. (Thanks to Martin!).

Of course we like to solve all the (known) problems, but some of those probably are not in our accountability. Please use the feedback form to tell us, if you find other than the listed problems - thanks!